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The Complete Pandas Bootcamp: Master your Data in Python Course

The Complete Pandas Bootcamp: Master your Data in Python Course
The Complete Pandas Bootcamp: Master your Data in Python Course

The Complete Pandas Bootcamp: Master your Data in Python Course

Pandas fully explained. Real Data. 150+ Exercises. Must-have skills for Data Science & Finance. Seaborn & Time Series.

What you’ll learn

The Complete Pandas Bootcamp: Master your Data in Python Course

  • Improve your Data Handling skills to an outstanding level.
  • Learn and practice all relevant Pandas Methods and workflows based on lastest Pandas Version (March 2019)
  • Import, clean and merge messy Data and prepare Data for Machine Learning
  • Analyze, visualize and understand your Data with Matplotlib and Seaborn
  • Import Financial/Stock Data from Web Sources and analyze them with Pandas
  • Practice and Master Pandas skills with Quizzes, 150+ Exercises, and comprehensive projects


  • A desktop computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) capable of storing and running Anaconda. The course will walk you through installing the necessary free software.
  • An internet connection is capable of streaming videos.
  • Ideally some Spreadsheet Basics/Programming Basics (not mandatory, the course guides you through the basics)


Welcome to the web´s most comprehensive Pandas Bootcamp with 25+ hours of structured video content and 150+ exercises!

This course has one goal: Bringing your Data Handling skills to the next level to build your career in Data Science, Finance & co. Time Series Data.

Why take a course on Pandas?

The world is getting more and more Data-Driven. New professions like Data Scientist are gaining ground with $100k+ salaries. It´s time to switch from Soap Box Cars (Spreadsheet Software like Excel) to High Tuned Racing Cars (Pandas)!
Python is a great platform/environment for Data Science with powerful Tools for Science, Statistics and Machine Learning. And the Pandas Library is the Heart of Python Data Science. Data Scientist typically spends up to 85% of their time with manipulating Data in Pandas.

The clear answer is: “No! Probably not!”

You require some Python Basics like Data Types, simple Operations/Operators, Lists and Numpy Arrays. In the Appendix of this course, you can find 4 hours of Python Basics.

Why take this Course?

– It is the most relevant and comprehensive course on Pandas.

– It is the most up-to-date course incorporating all recent Pandas updates (latest in Jan 2019). From my own experience, working with and relying on outdated code can be painful.

– It can serve as a Pandas Encyclopedia covering all relevant Methods, Attributes, and workflows for real-life projects. If you have problems with any Method or workflow, you will most likely get help and find a solution in this course.

-It shows and explains the complete real-life Data workflow A-Z, starting from importing messy Data, cleaning Data, merging and concatenating Data, grouping and aggregating Data, explanatory Data Analysis through to preparing and processing Data for Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Presentation.

-It explains Pandas Coding on real Data and real-life Problems. No Toy Data! This is the best way to learn and understand Pandas.

-It gives you plenty of opportunities to practice and code on your own. Learning by doing. In the exercises, you can select your individual level of difficulty with optional hints and guidance/instruction.

-Pandas is a very powerful tool.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to step into Data Science. Pandas is Key to everything.
  • Data Scientists who want to improve their Data Handling/Manipulation skills.
  • Investment/Finance Professionals who reached the limits of Excel.
  • Content From:
  • Cyber Security – Python and Web Applications

The Complete Pandas Bootcamp: Master your Data in Python Course

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